Digitize your forms

Every company with employees or subcontractors working on location knows the huge amount of time processing all paperwork costs on a daily basis: work orders, surveying forms , time registration, workplace inspections etc.

Then the captured data needs to be processed in a ERP or any other business software which is also time consuming.
With TaskForm all forms can easily be digitized. Mistakes are prevented and time is saved.

Paper forms digitized in 4 steps

With the help of the Taskform Click and Drag Appbuilder, mobile apps can easily be created and adjusted. Every field within the App can be linked to your existing business software. Because 1 on 1 copies of your existing paper forms can be made, implementation is quick and easy.

1. Connect your ERP

Link your existing business software to TaskForm with the Taskform DataConnector

2. Build Apps

Create new Apps or easily modify existing Apps with the Click and Drag appbuilder .

3. Capturing data

All data from your ERP can be viewed and adjusted in the app. Even when offline.

4. Synchronize data

Automatically synchronize all recorded data in your existing business software / ERP


The app is linked to your existing systems

ERPs are often delivered without a mobile app or with a very limited mobile app. Thanks to the Taskform platform we can quickly create your own custom app.

Thanks to the TASKFORM DATA CONNECTOR we can link the tailor-made app to every ERP. The data from your existing business software can be linked with the app d.m.v. SQL, JSON, XML, ODBC.

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No problem! Our consultants will work for you and create a customized link.

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